Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to do business responsibly we take into account the significance of social, ethical and environmental matters when conducting our operations, making Sylvan a safe and happy environment to work in.

CO2 emissions

As a responsible Business, employer and member of the community, we recognise the importance of ensuring that our carbon emissions are held to a minimum. We are therefore currently undertaking a review of all our operations to calculate our Group carbon emissions, with a view to setting reasonable and achievable targets to reduce our overall energy usage.

Equal opportunities

The people that we employ are selected on merit, irrespective of their sex, religion or colour of skin.

Health & Safety

We have a very positive attitude towards Health & Safety within the factory and all members of staff partake in health & safety training and awareness development.  There are clear cut procedures and policies in place to ensure that Sylvan is a safe environment in which to work.

Community relations

As a family business we work hard to integrate ourselves with the local community. Our history show that throughout our development, we have always tried to engage the local people, whether through employment or through supporting local projects.

Responsible purchasing

We only purchase from suppliers who adhere to our values on sustainability and the environment.